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We’ve recently updated our Notice of Privacy Practices and are writing to let you know what that means. The Notice of Privacy Practices is a requirement under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) for companies that handle medical information. The notice provides in detail the uses and disclosures of a service recipient’s protected health information that may be made by Consumer Direct Care Network (CDCN), your individual rights, how you may exercise those rights, and CDCN’s legal responsibilities with respect to your information.

Our Notice of Privacy Practices is now easier to understand and better organized. Additional updates to the Notice of Privacy Practices include:
  • Current CDCN contact information to ensure proper handling of questions or concerns
  • An expanded individual rights section to more clearly explain those rights
  • A new section about the choices individuals have regarding what information CDCN shares
  • A more accurate description of purposes for required uses and disclosures which now reflect our current lines of business

Our updated Notice of Privacy Practices is effective as of April 1, 2020. Click below to access the Notice of Privacy Practices.

Notice of Privacy Practices

Please take a moment to read our Notice of Privacy Practices and email us at if you have any questions.