Device Questions

Q: Can the Attendant use the mobile app on the consumer or EOR’s phone?
A: No, the mobile app needs to be used on the Personal Care Attendant’s phone.

Q: My registered device was lost/stolen/broken, how do I submit time?
A: Time can be submitted using the IVR option. Once you get a new smart phone or tablet, you will need to download the AuthentiCare app and contact CDCN to give us your new Device ID.

Q: Is one smart phone enough?
A: One smart device is required per attendant.

Q: What if the EOR has a visual impairment and cannot see the device?
A: IVR is an alternate option that uses the consumer’s landline phone.

Q: What should I do if I get a new phone?
A: Please call the CDCN Customer Number (1-877-786-4999) for assistance. CDCN will need to get your new Device ID.

Q: I received an error message on my phone, what does it mean?
A: Please call CDCN for assistance.

Q: What if I’m providing services outside of cell range?
A: The PCA has to log into the app before they get to the client’s home. You cannot log into the app without service. This does not mean you are to check into the client before getting to their location. Once they are at the clients home the app will advise there is no connection and allow them to check in. When they get to an area with a data connection or Wi-Fi they just need to refresh the app and it will submit the check in and out to us.