General Questions

Q: What is EVV?
A: EVV, Electronic Visit Verification, uses a technology-based system to electronically record when Personal Care Attendants begin and end shifts.

For more EVV specific information, please refer to the DHCFP website:

Q: When did this start? I’ve never heard of EVV before.
A: Effective, August 25, 2019, time will be collected using electronic visit verification systems. This change is required by a new federal rule.

Q: What if I submit time on a paper timesheet?
A: Paper timesheets will not be accepted starting August 25, 2019. Starting August 25, 2019, all attendants must submit time through an approved EVV option. EVV will be your new timesheet.

Q: What are the approved EVV options I can use to submit my time?
A: There are two approved ways to submit EVV shifts:

  • The preferred method is using the AuthentiCare Mobile App. This requires a smart phone, tablet, or device with location services.
  • The alternative option is IVR using the consumer’s landline phone

Q: What does IVR mean?
A: Interactive Voice Response. This is the alternative landline phone option.

Q: I don’t have internet or a smart phone, how do I submit time?
A: Time can be submitted with IVR using the consumer’s landline.

Q: Where can I get more information?
A: Training materials and video tutorials are available on the CDCN website.

Q: Will I get paid faster using the mobile app?
A: Using the mobile app or IVR does not change your pay schedule. It does however, reduce common errors found on paper timesheets that can delay your pay, so you are more likely to be paid on time.

Q: How much data is used by the mobile app?
A: Less than 100 MBs per month. The app does not need to run continuously and pull data while you work.

Q: How much does it cost to download the mobile app?
A: The mobile app is free to download.

Q: How many minutes are used by IVR?
A: About 2 minutes per call-in.