Logging and Approving Time Questions

Instructions on how to use the mobile app or IVR to submit time can be found on the CDCN website.

Q: Does the Client/Representative still have to approve time if the attendant is using the mobile app?
A: Yes, the client or representative must review and approve every shift submitted on the mobile app or IVR. On the mobile app, the client gives an attestation by signing with their finger. On IVR, the client will give a verbal confirmation. The client attestation is required by Nevada Medicaid in order to process the shift.

Q: Do I really have to enter my time at the start and stop of each shift?
A: Yes. To be compliant with the 21st century CURES act EVV requirements, time worked must be logged in real time. Time must be entered by the attendant at the beginning of each shift and logged out at the end of each shift.

Q: How often does time need to be approved?
A: The client or representative must approve the shift by completing the client attestation upon check out of every single shift.

Q: I work more than one service type in a single shift. How do I enter multiple service types?
A: Each service type must be logged separately in real time as it is worked. The attendant will need to stop their current shift and start a new shift each time the service type changes. An attendant may have several shifts logged for each day if they change services throughout their shift.

Q: My phone battery died in the middle of my shift, what do I do?
A: The attendant must fill out an EVV Time Correction and Adjustment Form for the shift, since the correct clock-out time was missed.

Q: Can a shift be started by a new attendant if another attendant didn’t end their shift?
A: Yes, time can be started by the new attendant on the mobile app or IVR. The first attendant that did not end their shift will need to make an adjustment to their time by completing an EVV Time Correction and Adjustment Form.

Q: Can I use IVR to start my shift and end with the mobile app?
A: No, you must start and end a shift with IVR. The same is true for the mobile app. If you start your shift with the mobile app you must end your shift with the mobile app. You can use the mobile app to start and stop one shift and then use the IVR to start and stop different shift.